Saturday, 7 April 2012

Oxford Literature Festival

A fantastic day at the Oxford Literature Festival...

It was a fantastic only regret was that I hadn't been able to make it to see other events. I will definitely make sure I will visit the festival next year.
I felt very privileged to share an event with Steve Bloom, the renowned wildlife photographer. My slightly fuzzy osprey-in-the-distance shots paled in comparison to Steve's wonderful photographs. Steve showed us his incredible images from swimming with elephants, to big cats, to beautiful portraits of apes. Some of the images were animated photos and gave a 360 degree rotating image of swimming with elephants.

Take a look at his stunning wildlife images on his website...

Steve spoke about his new books, the Big Cat Journal and the Polar Journal and other books...

The festival organiser presented both Steve and I with very special gifts...we both received a Victorian Lantern Slide. My Lantern slide pictured a hand painted golden eagle.

Magic Lanterns were used by the Victorians and their predecessors to project images onto a blank wall. This was the early slide show, before cameras and movies and the digital age. People could see these still images of exotic places and animals before the first colour films.

This slide now has pride of place...a really unique and special gift.


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