Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Book House and Thame schools

I had a great day with staff from the Book House book shop in Thame yesterday, visiting primary schools in Thame and Watlington.

Year 6 children from three other schools joined one of the large primary schools in Thame...even the local press was there to take photos! Some of the pupils had entered a writing competition and had written some fantastic descriptions of ospreys. There were great illustrations too. It was difficult to choose a winner, as all the entries were strong contenders. Well done to all of you who entered.

Children at Watlington Primary had made a huge display about Sky Hawk...see below...some brilliant osprey artwork too.

There were some great questions too...'how do you lift a horse onto an operating table?'...'If you could travel anywhere to see one animal, what animal would you like to see?'... and lots more....

I had come to talk about Sky Hawk and ospreys, but this area of Oxfordshire has its  own fair share of an amazing and beautiful bird of prey...the red kite. Like the osprey, red kites were once common place across the British Isles. They were so common that William Shakespeare referred to London as a city of red kite and crows. But persecution reduced their numbers to only a handful in Mid Wales. Re-introduction programmes have been hugely successful and their numbers have risen dramatically. On my school visit today, I counted at least 12 kites in the skies above Oxfordshire. Some of the children told me the red kites a particularly fond of barbecues, as they are carrion eaters and will swoop down for sausages dropped on the grass!


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