Friday, 16 September 2011

White Dolphin Proof

Just received the uncorrected proof copy of White Dolphin. I love this part of the publishing process, seeing the story that has grown in my head and on my computer as an ACTUAL REAL book to hold in my hand!! It'll be another 9 or 10 months until White Dolphin comes out on the bookshelves. It will have a final cover illustration too, of course. 

But in the mean time, I love the plain white of the proof copy, the reflective blue title and the words below...

The truth lies deep beneath the waves....

Because it is a story about dolphins, but much more that, it is a story about one girl's search for her mother intertwined with the on going, but hidden destruction of our most precious resource...our oceans.

White Dolphin proof, next to my photo of common dolphins seen off the coast of Wales this summer

Also more exciting news, I received the audio version of Sky Hawk, published by Oak Hill publishing. 

The Actor Martin Clark reads it brilliantly. I could listen to his voice all day...a sort of young Sean Connery voice! 


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