Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Radio Devon...Fly like an Eagle...or osprey!

I've had a great week in the South West this signing at Waterstone's in Plymouth on Saturday and then an interview with Judi Spiers for BBC Radio Devon. Judi and researcher Danny, introduced me with an ABBA song...'Fly Like and Eagle' osprey songs, apparently!  :0)

You can listen here;     

ps...Ozwold has taken his first attempts at flight....see the osprey diary.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Sky Hawk osprey's name is...


Congratulations to the winner of the Young the Sky Hawk osprey competition.

Friday, 15 July 2011

The Sky Hawk osprey has been launched!!

Meet the Sky Hawk osprey...his name has been chosen from the shortlist of the Young Times 'name the osprey' competition, and will be announced on Monday!!

Last week I travelled up to Scotland to meet Roy Dennis of the Highland Foundation for Wildlife to select and tag one of this year's osprey chicks. Read all about it on the osprey blog on my website (click on the osprey picture on the notice board) 

I've been following the story of the Dyfi ospreys in Wales too, and found one of their great utube videos;
This made me laugh out loud!

The three Dyfi chicks will be tagged next will be amazing to follow all these young ospreys.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Two amazing gifts!

July already!

It's been full speed ahead since my return from Scotland. I've been busy arranging festivals and school visits and also I've been working on the final edits for my next book; White Dolphin...I've been given a sneak peek of the cover...and it's looking fab!

I will be travelling to Scotland in a week or two to tag the osprey sponsored by the UK, US and foreign publishers, so check out the osprey blog to read all about it and follow one amazing osprey. I'll be announcing the winner of The Young Times 'Name the Osprey' Competition soon too.

I was also treated to a suprise party by some brilliant friends who all clubbed together and handed me a huge cheque to sponsor two Gambian children through secondary school...I'm so thrilled to think that two children will have this opportunity. A huge thank you to my friends. 

We will be sponsoring the children via the

I was also given a beautifully hand bound copy of Sky Hawk, bound by my bookbinder friend, Rosy. She made blocks cuts of the eyes of the cover of Sky Hawk and put the image in gold relief against a blue leather background. It was signed by many friends and is really special. I've put some pics below. You can see Rosy's work including bookbinding, journals, photo albums and more at her website;