Saturday, 28 May 2011

Wild pigs, Radio Bristol, an eagle called Saxon and a tray full of cookies.

Even though I missed being in Scotland it was great to be back home. I took a walk in the fields near my house and saw lots of wildlife; a roe deer grazing in the shade of trees alongside the river, buzzards circling in the sky above and loads of rabbits too!! I guess that’s why I can only grow potatoes and onions in my garden…the wildlife eats the rest.
I made a hasty exit from an overgrown ditch when something big came crashing through the undergrowth. It was squealing and grunting and I didn’t stick around to see what it was, but I think it could have been escapee wild pig. They can get pretty vicious especially if there are young with them!!

On Wednesday I had a radio interview with Steve Yabsley of Radio Bristol to talk about Sky Hawk. He was great fun, and before going on air we talked about everything from woodpeckers to wine tasting to cardigan wearing. He’s a keen birdwatcher himself and knowledgeable about lots of other things. It was great to see inside a radio studio too…it looks very complicated…lots of microphones and buttons and dials…a bit like the tardis. If it were me, I’d probably forget I was meant to be on air and wander off for a cup of tea mid programme. I guess that’s why I was never asked to be a radio presenter!

Friday saw me rushing round the countryside to get a photo with a bird of prey for an article in Young Times…coming out this Monday, I think. Thursday was too wet and windy for the birds, but on Friday, Saxon from Sharandy’s Birds of  Prey came to my rescue.  Saxon is a golden eagle x steppe eagle….he’s absolutely stunning, and despite the windy day sat still on my arm for the photo.

Finally, to round off the week…a book signing at Bailey Hill Bookshop in Castle Cary, another fantastic independent book store, one of my all time favourites. Lynn has a little under stairs area for young children to sit and look at books and there’s great coffee for adults too. Claire had baked a whole tray of biscuits which everyone enjoyed. Amongst the new books, there are unusual second hand books too, from old children's favourites to art and history books. I have the Harmsworth Natural History volumes from Lynn's bookshop...they're about 100 years old with lots of colour illustrations of animals (by various Victorian artists) . It's really interesting and sad too, to see what species were once considered 'common' but are now under threat.

I also got to meet two local authors, Emma of 'Chocolate Cake with Hitler' and Charles of 'Silent Night'....both books have had rave reviews....and I have signed copies!!! can't wait to start reading!.


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