Friday, 6 May 2011


Hello folks and welcome to my website.

I hope you've had a good look around the tree house and met some of the squirrels. Watch out for the one sitting by the phone...he gets a bit cheeky!

Well it's been a busy old week. Tuesday saw the launch of Sky Hawk at Bath Waterstone's. It was a great fun event with lots of friends and family and people from the publishing world. My fantastic editor, Liz Cross came too and said a few words to everyone before I talked about the inspiration behind Sky Hawk.

The real stars of the show were Barney and Bracken, a European eagle owl and a tawny owl. Sharon and Matt from Sharandy's Birds of Prey brought them to the launch to meet eveyone.

Here's me with a paper osprey I made came in a kit promising hours of creative fun. It took me hours....and hours....and hours........and at last I got to the fun part....

So with some enthusiastic helpers, we took a look at the osprey's journey...

Although the paper osprey wouldn't behave!

But it was a great fun event and fanatastic to see so many there...we ran out of orange juice...and even ran out of Sky Hawk books!

Oh...and 5kg of jelly beans were devoured in 1 hour...surely that's got to be a Guinness Record!!!!

Radio Scotland....Culture Cafe....

Earlier in the day, I went to the studios of Radio Bristol to talk to Clare English of Radio Scotland about Sky Hawk. You can listen to my interview with her on....


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