Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A castle....a monument...and then on...to Glasgow's hidden gem...

16th May

A flying visit through Stirling to visit pupils of Braehead Primary and Cowie Primary Schools. One of the pupils of Cowie had been fishing with his granddad and seen an osprey catch a fish right out of the water...how lucky is that!
Heather from Waterstone's bookshop in Stirling,  ferried me around and looked after me for the day...so thanks Heather...and you guessed right...brie and cranberry sandwiches are some of my favourites.

Stirling looks an amazing place with an even more amazing past, but I didn't have time to explore. There have been people here since prehistoric times! The castle on the crag has long been strategically important in many battles. One of the most famous Scottish heros...William Wallace (Braveheart to all you film buffs!) was one of the leaders of the Wars of Scottish Independence. He fought and won the battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297. Unfortunately he came to a sticky end at the hands of the English. There's a monument dedicated to him, where you can climb up and get great views across the Ochil hills and the Forth.
I'll be coming back here again to explore...that's for sure.

17th May

A train ride to Glasgow and two school visits today too to talk about Sky Hawk.

Pupils from St Martha's Primary School

Lyndsay from the Mitchell library ferried Hattie (from Oxford Uni Press) and I around Glasgow. Lyndsay is a walking encyclopaedia...maybe she absorbs information from all the library books by osmosis! But even better than that...Lyndsay works at the Mitchell library and takes books and stories to schools all around Glasgow, giving many children the chance to access books.

She even gave us a tour around the Mitchell library...a hidden gem...definitely worth a visit (the best millionaire's shortbread too).

The Mitchell Library from the outside

Looking up into the dome from the inside

Lyndsay and Hattie on the spiral stairs

Lyndsay and me inside an exhibition room

There was even a puppet exhibition. The man who made the marionettes was there to talk about how he made his puppets too.

Maybe each puppet has its own story to tell!


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