Sunday, 22 May 2011

Carlisle and the Richard Rose Academy

Wednesday 18th May:

A trip to! Sky Hawk at the train station!! that was a surprise!!!

Then on, to meet staff from Waterstone's Carlisle at The Richard Rose Academy...

The Richard Rose Academy is a brand new school, just opened this year. Staff and students were incredibly enthusiastic about their school and gave me a tour. It was light and airy...none of the long dark corridors I remember from my school days.

I was impressed by the Learning Resource Centre (aka library). It was a comfortable space where pupils chose to hang out during lunch and break. There was a good range of non fiction and fiction, especially books for less confident readers. The school librarian explained that the school was aiming to increase literacy levels by giving extra reading sessions to pupils. The books offered contained simpler text but still had strong storylines and many had illustrations too. As a fan of graphic novels, I think this is a great way into reading.

But....I think I'll stick with the 'library'...Colonel Mustard, with the lead piping in the Learning Resource Centre doesn't have the same ring to it!


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